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Büki Művelődési és Sportközpont, Könyvtár:
H-9737 Bük, Eötvös u. 11.


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The antecedents of our library’s creation should be traced on the second half of the 19th century. The first traces lead to the evangelic reading association, which was established by György Szente, teacher at the school of Alsóbük. Later on they moved to an independent building, where the farmer association and the choral union got located as well. They ensured the local reading of newspapers, and the lending of gradually increasing book stock for the evangelic residents of the three Büks. The public library lending for all the residents of the village was founded by Kálmán Hajas evangelic clerk teacher, in one of the years of the beginning of the previous century. Books were placed at the village hall. Lending was initially made by the teacher, then by the employees of the clerk’s office. On the second half of the 20s the librarian tasks were shouldered by Kálmán Csonka farmer and village juror. The collection moved to his flat in Felsőbük. It was operating there till the second half of the 40s. The library service of Középbük village part was provided by the Tradesman Association of Bük, founded in 1908. It was operating as a public library in the private room of Lökkös restaurant. Its last librarian was János Galavits.
Till the end of the 40s the majority of the associations working for decades were terminated in Bük as well. The large hall of the evangelic youth center was rented by the cinema, a public library was operating in its small hall. In the same year a library was established as well in one of the rooms of the machine station operated in Felsőbük.
On the second half of the 50s the establishment controlled by Gyula Tóth, President of the Chamber and Béla Horváth, Secretary of the Election Committee, built the cultural center. It was realized from several years of village development tax, with county support and by the community work of the population. From the youth center the public library moved to one of the dressing rooms of the establishment, inaugurated on the 23rd of August 1959. Its management was taken over from Béla Czuppon teacher by Gyula Antalovits teacher. Till 1962 the library was working as the deposit library of Dániel Berzsenyi County Library. The village library becoming independent, according to the “One village, one public library” concept, was unifying in its collection the stocks of the machine station’s public library, the Tradesmen Association of Bük, the Joint Industry Association of Bük and the Farmer Association of Bük.   Following the development of the cultural center in 1964/65 the book stock of 3 thousand books at that time could be moved to a 54-squaremeter place. The stock of the institution working as a village sample library was placed from the wardrobes to the shelves. Here there was already a place suitable for reading locally. The number of its registered readers was yearly over 500 persons in 1965. Regarding its turnover, during the decades of the Antalkovits family, it was throughout at the county forefront. It was also due to the fact, beside the professional competence and the dedication of Uncle Gyula and co., that the school had no suitable library till the end of the 80s. While in other places, due to the TV-era and other factors, the number of registered readers decreased, and to some extent the turnover as well, in our case, in place of the people of Bük decreasing from the regular membership, holiday guests registered themselves in the village library. The collection had been gradually increasing and from the mid-70s it became more and more crowded. It was given some wardrobes for storing in the dressing-room of the cultural hall, but till the mid-90s no basic area increase was made. Bük, having higher and higher turnover and dynamically improving, received the large village title in 1981. From 1982 a chance was generated to improve the sponsored librarian status into a full-time job status.  The institution was taken over for a few months from Uncle Gyula, who was over his 70s, by László Udvardy. From August 1982 till July 1984 in daily 4-4-hour job, again Uncle Gyula and his wife, Aunt Ili performed the librarian tasks. It was followed by Ágota Major’s 2 years, as the head of the library. Due to her work, the number of readers and the turnover reached the average of the previous years, and the number of events increased. After she had left, Mrs. László Kurucz became the librarian. Due to the repairing of central heating and painting labors the institution was more and more frequently kept close. Its congestion became more and more unbearable. Between 1987 and 1989 Mrs. Tamás Markó performed the librarian tasks. In October, 1989 Ferenc Sági took over the management of the institution.
The local government established in the autumn of 1990, having a much larger budget than the previous council, put the enlargement of the library among its primary tasks. In 1991 the institution was enlarged by the annexation of a club and an office to 95 square meters.  In the subsequent years by the changing of old shelves and purchasing carpets, more cosy circumstances were created for readers than before, then in 1993 the creation and operation of video store got started.
The local government of Bük ensured the establishment and maintenance of the local knowledge collection by purchasing the heritage of József Szabó local historian and the spa history documents of Lajos Bernáth. Its continuously increasing stock is used by more and more people today as well, mostly by the secondary school and higher-education students and the local researchers.
In 1998 by the complete renovation and enlargement of today’s building, the basic territory of the library increased to 170 square meters. Reading room, storing room and offices have been created as well. For the integration of the three professional fields operating “under one common roof” was made in 2000. This way the cultural center, sport center and library, was continuing and is continuing today as well its activity of mediating the culture, knowledge and sports. Completing the local government resources, the development of the library, the increasing of services and renewal can be ensured by continuous tender activity. In 2008, following the retirement of Ferenc Sági, management of the librarian profession was performed by Mónika Haramia.  The library working with today’s team – Mrs. László Haizler, Mrs. Tamás Markó, is at the service for readers and library users.
By using the writing of Ferenc Sági titled Brief library history of Bük. (Newspaper of Bük, 28th of September 1999.)